Some of the ClearSky team’s recent project work includes:

  • Greenhouse Gas Verification Audits, Oil Refineries, Gas Plants, Power Plants, Wind Farms, Landfill Gas Capture, Alberta Environment, 2008 – present
  • Update of the MOBILE6.2C and NONROAD Models, Environment Canada, 2009
  • Air Emission Benchmarking: Canadian Chemical Industry, Environment Canada, 2009
  • National Marine Emission Inventory Tool Conversion to SQL Server & Workshop, Environment Canada & Transport Canada, 2009
  • Nonroad Engine Fleet Characterization, Metro Vancouver, 2007
  • Emission Control Area Analysis for Marine Vessels, Transport Canada, 2008
  • National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI)

Greenhouse gas (GHG) Verification & Validation (CCEMC) in Alberta is one of our core services. Our verification reviews are well organized to make efficient use of our client’s time. GHG emission inventory verification by a third party auditor has been a regulatory requirement for large final emitters in Alberta, Canada since 2007. Alberta is the first jurisdiction in North America regulate GHG emissions. Third party verification is a key component of this Climate Change policy to enhance the overall assurance of the system by bringing additional expertise and scrutiny to bear. ClearSky Engineering presented a paper on Third Party GHG Emission Verification at the EPA Emission Inventory Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The paper and presentation are now available for download.

The Marine Emission Inventory Tool was developed to estimate emissions from commercial marine vessels operating in coastal and inland waters. The application consists of a SQL Server database back-end with a user interface to enable importing activity data, generating emission estimates, and production of reports. The application includes a number of routines that calculate underway, maneuvering and dockside emissions. The Marine Tool capabilities have been presented to the EPA, Sustainable Shipping, and Transport Canada. Our recent presentation of the Marine Tool is available here.