World’s First ‘Negative Emissions’ Plant Has Begun Operation

In an effort to reduce the 40 trillion kg of carbon dioxide humans produce each year, three companies have been working to build machines that can capture the gas directly from the air. One such machine in Iceland has begun operation.
The article mentions the work of a Canadian company called Carbon Engineering:

UN scientists say ozone layer depletion has stopped

The protective ozone layer in the earth’s upper atmosphere has stopped thinning and should largely be restored by mid century due to the success of The Montreal Protocol signed in 1987.

Canada And U.S. Work Together To Cut Air Pollution From Shipping

The proposed Canada-US Emission Control Area (ECA) will subject large ships operating in the designated areas to stringent standards. Specifically, the measures will reduce their nitrogen oxides emissions by 80 per cent and sulphur oxides by 96 per cent. Emissions of fine particles will also be reduced.

Retire Your Ride

Retire Your Ride is an initiative of The Government of Canada, Clean Air Foundation and its partners, designed to enable people to get their high-polluting cars off the road and reward them for doing so. The program is committed to improving air quality by responsibly recycling vehicles and aims to retire at least 50,000 vehicles per year until March 31, 2011.